FAIR-Aware goes French!

13 July 2021

The FAIR-Aware tool is now also available in French! French-speaking researchers, data stewards and other data professionals can now access the assessment and guidance of the FAIR-Aware tool in their native language.

Developed by DANS in the FAIRsFAIR project, FAIR-Aware has been raising awareness about how to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) for over one year. This week marks a significant milestone of the project with  the launch of the French version of the tool.

The French version of FAIR-Aware is hosted on the DoRANum portal of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (INIST). Justine Ancelin-Fabre (URFIST de Paris) and Luc Decker (DataSuds, IRD) together with the team Formation-DoRANum of Inist-CNRS have kindly volunteered to make the translation available for users.

FAIR-Aware tool 

The FAIR-Aware tool consists of 10 assessment questions that cover all aspects of the FAIR principles. Presented in a clear and informative way, it is  suitable for different research domains. FAIR-Aware provides tips for each question, making it easier for users to understand difficult topics and helping them learn how to make their data more FAIR. Part of this guidance also supports researchers  in choosing  a repository to deposit their data in, and how to collaborate with that repository to create a FAIR dataset.

The FAIRsFAIR development team has made the source code of the tool available online. This source code can be modified to suit other databases or facilitate translations into different languages. Everyone working with research data is invited to use the tool and spread the word to those who may benefit from it. 

More information

If you are interested in translating the tool or have any other questions about FAIR-Aware, please contact the .  

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