EU publishes European Data Strategy

24 February 2020

The EU published a report on the European Data Strategy. The objective of the European data strategy is to make sure the EU becomes a role model and a leader for a society empowered by data.

For this, it aims at setting up a true European data space, a single market for data, to unlock unused data, allowing it to flow freely within the European Union and across sectors for the benefit of businesses, researchers and public administrations.  

Citizens, businesses and organisations should be empowered to make better decisions based on insights gleaned from non-personal data. That data should be available to all, whether public or private, start-up or giant.

The report identifies nine areas that should form such Common European Data Spaces, including green deal, mobility, health, finance, energy, agriculture and government. The European Open Science Cloud is the tenth data space for science.

DANS works within various European projects, such as the European Open Science Cloud, and shares the objectives of the European Union.

Additional information

Do you want to know more about the European Data Strategy? The website of the European Commission provides an extensive report.

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