EOSC Synergy launches online course for doing better research

22 July 2021

How do I do better research? How does open science work? What is the European Open Science Cloud and why does it matter? These questions will be answered in the course ‘Bringing synergy to research and data management in Europe’ by EOSC Synergy.

Take this introductory course and learn from experienced professionals to find answers to these questions. Organised in a series of 8 short modules, the course features recorded videos, quizzes and hands-on assignments to help you get up to speed with innovative services and research data management approaches and do better research.

This self-paced course is suitable for researchers, students, trainers and data professionals seeking introductory learning material. By the end of the course, you will have a basic understanding of open science and EOSC and be familiar with key concepts, practical tools and best practices for FAIR data and data management.

Busy schedule? You can either follow all modules or pick the ones that are most relevant to you. It will take on average 30 minutes to complete each module, totalling around 4 hours to finish the entire course.

Developed within the EOSC Synergy project, this course was designed by Linas Cepinskas in collaboration with the project partners. All course content can be freely shared and reused with the attribution to the EOSC Synergy project and/or other relevant sources.

More information

To make full use of the course (e.g. take quizzes), please register as a new user. We invite you to take a look at the course, check out the materials, and share your comments, questions or suggestions with Louise Bezuidenhout via the form below.

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