EOSC Future | Train-the-Trainer Active Learning Course

16 May 2023

The EOSC Future project is excited to announce another offering of its Train-the-Trainer Active Learning Course. This (free) four-day online course – from June 26 till 29 – covers four different modules for trainers to enhance their understanding of EOSC and various related topics alongside their ability to integrate it into their training activities.

The first module ‘Preparing to Train about EOSC’ will provide trainers with an overview of EOSC, its role in enabling open science, and its main components. In the second module ‘Using the EOSC Portal’ the trainers will delve into the various services and functionalities available on the EOSC Portal and how they can utilise them in their training activities. The legal and ethical issues involved in EOSC use, and the ways in which trainers can address these issues in their training activities are covered by the third module ‘Addressing Legal and Ethical Issues relating to EOSC Use’. Finally, the fourth module ‘Crafting your own Training using the EOSC Knowledge Hub and Other Resources’ will provide trainers with hands-on experience in creating their own training using EOSC resources and the EOSC Knowledge Hub. 


Trainers can sign up free, for one, all, or a combination of the two-hour modules, depending on their interests and needs. The course is for free and will be delivered online via Zoom from 26-29 June 2023. Registration is open until 19 June 2023. As there is limited space for participants, registration may close early when the maximum attendance list is reached. Should you not be available on these dates, look forward to a repeat of this course from 11-16 September 2023!

Through OpenAIRE, DANS is a member of EOSC Future and our staff are trainers throughout this offering. Register at EOSC Future website.

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Kim Ferguson Ph.D.

Research Data Management Specialist