E-data & Research June 2019 now available

24 May 2019

Read the success stories about sharing and reusing data in the latest E-data & Research. In this issue: subsidy for small data projects, visiting a seventeenth-century studio online and machine learning: what is real and what is fake?

E-data & Research is a newsletter about data and research in the humanities and social sciences. The magazine contains articles for researchers and students and anyone who feels involved in the developments in storage and reuse of digital research data.

E-data & Research is published three times a year and is made possible by: CentERdata, CLARIAH, DANS, Huygens ING, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and the Rijksmuseum. All previous editions are available on edata.nl. June’s digital version of E-data & Research is already available; the paper E-data & Research will be distributed next week.

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You can request a free subscription to E-data & Research online. For questions or suggestions for articles, please contact the editors via . The following E-data & Research will appear in October.

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