Dutch Techcentre for Life Science (DTL) joins Research Data Netherlands

1 March 2022

Research Data Netherlands (RDNL), the partnership between 4TU.ResearchData, DANS and SURF welcomes Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL). With the arrival of this new partner, RDNL can better serve all domains of science benefitting from a joint approach to training, long-term preservation and FAIR-based data stewardship.

We are delighted to announce that DTL joins the RDNL partnership and helps create a strong portfolio of activities supporting FAIR data stewardship across science domains in the Netherlands.

DTL is strong in the field of digital life sciences and thus complements the existing scope of RDNL: the technical and exact sciences via 4TU.ResearchData, the social sciences and humanities via DANS and the computing and infrastructure support offered by SURF.

DTL strengthens FAIR data stewardship agenda of RDNL

For several years now, the RDNL partnership has organised the Dutch Data Prize and offered courses in data stewardship including Essentials 4 Data Support and the Delivering Research Data Management Services MOOC. In 2021, DTL experts already participated in the RDNL extended training working group, with the aim of increasing the visibility, accessibility and reach of the joint Research Data Management training offerings.

RDNL aims to establish a unified national approach towards capacity building in data stewardship through training and community-building, well aligned to the goals of DTL. Ruben Kok, director of DTL, is looking forward to collaborating with RDNL. “RDNL and DTL both see the value of a consolidated FAIR data stewardship capacity building programme. We feel it is important to join forces to help strengthen this new professional field across the Dutch science domains. As a new partner in RDNL we will bring in our expertise and training network in FAIR-enabled digital life sciences and help enhance the existing RDNL programme.”

About Research Data Netherlands

Research Data Netherlands (RDNL) was created to promote FAIR implementation and reuse of research data, including sustainable data archiving. Founded in 2013 by 4TU.ResearchData and DANS, SURF joined in 2014 and we are delighted, in 2022, to expand again as we welcome DTL on board.

In this way, RDNL aims to promote the sustainable data preservation and sharing, reuse and skills building for FAIR research data practices in the Netherlands. The RDNL partnership aggregates the expertise to help scale up capacity building in data stewardship and FAIR implementation as important components in the transition towards Open Science. The RDNL partners thus are geared to strengthen the National Programme Open Science, and help create a FAIR research ecosystem across science fields.

More information

Read more about RDNL here.

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Ingrid Korver

Communications Manager