DANS staffmember volunteers against Covid-19

28 May 2020

Senior information scientist Slava Tykhonov has joined the initiative CoronaWhy. Currently, around the globe, institutional and grass-rooted initiatives try to bring all data together to fight the COVID-19 virus.

DANS is very proud that one of its staff members, senior information scientist Slava Tykhonov, has joined CoronaWhy as volunteer and is leading the development of the Common Research and Data Infrastructure. This international community has more than 1000 volunteers and is composed of data scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, students, and various subject matter experts on everything from technology and engineering to medicine, communications and program management.

CoronaWhy tries “to improve global coordination and analysis of all available data pertinent to the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure all findings reach those who need them”. Working along principles of open science, using and further pushing existing technologies and infrastructures, the group offers a platform to join forces to master the information challenge in the current pandemics.  

Additional information 

Read more about this history of the group here. Look for Dutch data material via this DOI. Join forces with them via https://www.coronawhy.org.

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