DANS opens its doors as Technology Hotel

28 May 2020

Within the ZonMw program “Enabling Technologies Hotels”, DANS operates as a specialist facility for managing, sharing and storing data. Together with Amsterdam UMC and Philips Medical Systems, DANS is embarking on an ambitious project to share raw MRI data for AI and other advanced analysis via the DANS infrastructure.

Enabling Technologies Hotels (ETH) is a ZonMw program related to the top sector policy and focuses on the life sciences. The program was set up in collaboration with the Dutch Techcentre for Lifesciences (DTL) and is financed by ZonMw and NWO. The main aim of the program is to introduce public-private research projects to advanced (life science) techniques and the associated expertise. The hotel concept ensures that researchers (guests) who do not yet have access to high-end technology can access a service-oriented facility (hotel).

Researcher Matthan Caan of the Amsterdam University Medical Center uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning techniques to extract more and better information from MRI images. To tackle this in an open and more competitive way, “AI challenges” are organized in which research groups try to develop the best algorithms to distill sharp and clear images from raw MRI scan data. Sharing the large MRI scan data files, in a standardized and open manner, requires a robust data infrastructure with the associated expertise. Thanks to a grant from the 5th round of the Technologies Hotels program, DANS hotel guest Matthan Caan can provide the required knowledge and infrastructure. Philips Medical Systems, builder of the MRI scanners, is participating in the project as a private partner. It interesting for Philips to see by whom and how the MRI data is used and how the data output of the MRI scanners can be optimized for AI analysis.

With this program, DANS is taking the first steps in the field of data for Artificial Intelligence techniques, a development that is already having a major impact on the scientific data landscape for both suppliers and users of scientific data. The project will officially start in September 2020.

More information

Read more about the facilities of DANS as a Technology Hotel on the DTL website or contact Cees Hof, the DANS Technology Hotel manager. Information about Matthan Caan’s MRI research can be found on the Amsterdam UMC site.  The website of Philips provides information on possible MRI-techniques, including many examples of best practices.

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