DANS joins OpenAIRE Legal Entity

14 July 2020

On July, 17, 2020, DANS has joined OpenAIRE Legal Entity (LE) as a regular member. This means that DANS will remain involved with OpenAIRE even after the current OpenAIRE Advance project, funded by Horizon 2020, has ended. OpenAIRE Advance is set to run until the end of February 2021.

By becoming a member of the OpenAIRE Legal Entity (LE), also known as OpenAIRE AMKE, DANS will remain OpenAIRE’s National Open Access Desk (NOAD) for the Netherlands. Until now, DANS has fulfilled this task in collaboration with TU Delft Library. DANS has entered into the membership in consultation with UKB, the partnership of university libraries and the National Library. As a member of OpenAIRE – and as a NOAD, DANS can continue to support the Dutch scientific infrastructure as soon as the new Horizon Europe research program gets started. And through NARCIS, the national science portal, DANS shows the national scientific output: (open access) publications, open data, and data software.


OpenAIRE stands for Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe. Its aim is to support the Open Science policy of the European Commission (EC). The EC wants publications and datasets resulting from European research funding to be available in open access formats. OpenAIRE has developed several support services for researchers, such as Argos (a data management planning tool) and Amnesia (a data anonymization tool). The Taskforce Research Data Management (RDM), led by DANS, is developing training materials: webinars, blogs, and guides for researchers.

European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)

Like OpenAIRE, DANS is involved in other projects related to the development of the European Open Science Cloud, such as FAIRsFAIR, EOSC-hub, FREYA, and SSHOC. The EOSC offers an open platform for researchers in Europe to share and combine research data across geographical and disciplinary boundaries. DANS is also involved in various other projects.

More information

For more information, please contact " target="_self" title="">Elly Dijk, NOAD OpenAIRE.

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