DANS is now an official member of the EOSC Association

19 January 2021

DANS can now call itself an official member of the EOSC Association. On December 17 last, the first General Assembly of the members and observers of the new EOSC Association took place. This association succeeds the temporary EOSC governance.

The start of the association and the legal status of EOSC is an important milestone in the further development of the European Open Science Cloud. Ingrid Dillo, deputy director of DANS: “The EOSC must ensure that European researchers can reap the maximum benefits of data-driven research. The membership of DANS, as a national centre of expertise and repository for research data, gives a voice to the interests of Dutch scientists in the EOSC association.”

European Open Science Cloud

EOSC stands for European Open Science Cloud. The EOSC offers researchers a platform for sharing and combining research data, also across geographical and disciplinary boundaries. EOSC states on their website: ‘Open Science enables researchers to share and use their publications, tools and data to create new knowledge that can lead to innovative discoveries. Open Science increases competitiveness and productivity in Europe. To make this possible, a seamless research environment is needed that provides access to the outputs and services researchers need for their work. This is the mission of the European Open Science Cloud, which uses the EOSC portal as a gateway. This portal displays all information about the EOSC: from services and resources to real examples of research communities, from governance models to rules of participation, from the latest policies to funding opportunities.’

DANS is and was involved in several EOSC projects and initiatives. Examples are FAIRsFAIREOSC-hubOpenAIREEOSC SynergyFREYA en EOSC-pilot

More information

Read more on the EOSC website. For more information on the role of DANS within EOSC, please contact Ingrid Dillo.

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