DANS, Data and the ZIN Science Day

28 October 2021

DANS operates within various domains of science, and health and care data receive full attention within the developments of DANS. Cees Hof, DANS Data Station Manager Life, Health and Medical Sciences, presented the ins and outs of good data management and the advantages of sharing health data at the Science Day of the National Healthcare Institute.

To the relief of many, it was possible for the third Science Day of the National Healthcare Institute (ZIN) to take place live on 7 October. With science museum NEMO as the appropriate location, scientists, policymakers and administrators presented and discussed the day’s theme “Data: indispensable for a healthy society?” on 7 October.

Under the watchful eye of chairwoman Karin van den Boogaert, Cees Hof of DANS and Johan van Soest of Maastricht University spoke in their session “Learning from data: how to do that in practice” about the recalcitrance of working with data, both from a research perspective and a data management perspective. The dualistic view on working with data led to a dynamic and interactive discussion, with questions, suggestions and ideas for new initiatives.

More information

The well-attended ZIN Science Day has been captured in a freely available summary video. On LinkedIn you can read more information and find impressions of this day. Read more about the National Healthcare Institute here.

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Cees Hof Ph.D.

Data Station Manager Life Sciences & Physical and Technical Sciences