DANS at the Open Science Conference

6 July 2023

The international Open Science Conference was held on 27-29 June 2023, celebrating its 10th anniversary. We provided several different sessions in the programme and had a great time discussing current topics and developments with all kinds of different stakeholders. Join us in looking back on these lovely few days!

On Tuesday, during the practical solutions session, Nils Arlinghaus from the Thematic Digital Competence Center Social Sciences and Humanities (TDCC-SSH) and Ricarda Braukmann, our Data Station Manager Social Sciences, gave participants the opportunity to ask questions about the the Dutch science landscape. They provided background on the various infrastructures and organisations that work together to facilitate FAIR Data and Open Science in the Netherlands, including the (T)DCCs, service providers like DANS, infrastructures like ODISSEI and CLARIAH, as well as the local Open Science communities. 

Wednesday started with a talk given by our Louise Bezuidenhout, Training Coordinator, on representation and inclusion in Open Science. This inspiring and provoking discussion, looking at recent work on unequal access to open science resources due to socio-economic and geographical realities, sparked a lot of discussion on serious questions about the limits of openness and the call to action visibly had effect on social media.

From 14:30 onwards, Ricarda Braukmann and Wim Hugo, our CTO, held a workshop on Harmonising Access Procedures for Sensitive Data presenting work that has been initiated in the ODISSEI roadmap project. Their workshop centred around the question how current access procedures for sensitive data could be harmonised in order to make the processes more transparent and standardised. In particular, the workshop assessed how well current procedures could be captured within a set of standardised “managed access” licences, specifying requirements for data access. During the workshop, use cases from the audience were collected and discussed against the proposed set of licences. The presentation and the collected use cases are available on Zenodo

The last day of the conference was kicked off by Kim Ferguson and Maaike Verburg, both Research Data Management Specialists, who delivered a workshop on designing training for FAIR and open data. In this hands-on workshop, participants learned about FAIR-Aware and were tasked with designing a new training around that resource using a template we created. Together, the participants created a very useful resource containing multiple new training resources for reuse, including considerations on how to deal with some potential disasters that can occur. The workshop presentation, template, and the full set of training designs are now publicly available on Zenodo.

Taken together, we had a great and inspiring time at the Open Science Conference and is happy to share some new materials because of it. Recordings from all talks at the Open Science Conference are available on YouTube. The slides of the presentations you can find on Zenodo. If you would like to discuss some of these topics in more depth, you can always get in touch with us by using the form below.

Images of the Open Science participants joining online.

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