CLARIAH opens Fellowship Call for Proposals

4 February 2021

On 31 January, CLARIAH launched a call for Fellows. Two kinds of fellowships are distinguished: Research Fellowships and Teaching Fellowships. DANS is involved with CLARIAH in terms of the sustainability and making the infrastructure FAIR.

In a Research Fellowship, a researcher (the CLARIAH Research Fellow) carries out a small research project based on an explicitly formulated research question by using data and/or software that are already part of the CLARIAH infrastructure. In a Teaching Fellowship, a lecturer at a Dutch University (the CLARIAH Teaching Fellow) uses data and/or software that are part of the CLARIAH infrastructure in a BA, MA or RMA course for an explicitly identified category of students.

The call refers to an overview of data and tools that qualify and is accompanied by introductory texts on these data and tools. The deadline for submissions is 4 April 2021. Maximum funding for each proposal is approximately 12,000 euro.

More information

Read more about the Fellowship call on the CLARIAH website. Please contact Andrea Scharnhorst for more information about CLARIAH.

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