Available via DANS: Covid 19 press conferences

28 July 2021

Via DANS, the dataset ‘Alle Corona Persconferenties geannoteerd met Searle’s Speech Acts’ is available. This dataset contains the annotated versions of the press conferences that Prime Minister Rutte and Minister de Jonge gave about Covid 19.

The dataset brings together all 54 press conferences given during the period from 6 March 2020 to 20 April 2021. All sentences were manually annotated for the presence of declarations or pledges (Searle’s speech acts) and for behavioural influencing techniques, such as complimenting or frightening citizens. In addition, lexical and grammatical information per sentence was added.

You can read some of the insights about this data in the theses that have also been made available through the dataset. The data can be used for further research in many disciplines, such as: media and communication, psychology, social sciences, linguistics and even artificial intelligence.

More information

The dataset is available via DANS. For questions about the dataset, please contact (University of Amsterdam). For questions about using and depositing data via DANS, please contact our datamanagers

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