Automatic depositing of data leads to growth spurt

8 March 2022

In just under four years, the number of deposited datasets has more than doubled to 200,000. In part, this has been made possible by the ‘machine-to-machine’ depositing of data, without human intervention. We have made strict agreements with the various institutions for this automatic depositing of data.

Leading repository in Europe

We focus on the reuse of research data in order to promote the quality of science. Because FAIR data makes research more verifiable, reproducible and efficient: building datasets is expensive. We started as a data archive for the humanities and social sciences but since 2013 we are an (inter)national repository for all scientific domains. With over 128,000 datasets from the humanities and social sciences, more than 30,000 datasets from the life sciences and over 46,000 datasets with an interdisciplinary label, DANS is one of the leading repositories in Europe.

New: domain-oriented Data Stations

Since 2008, we have been storing the data in the familiar, but generic, EASY system. We noticed that there is an increasing need for data services with a seamless integration with virtual research environments (VREs). Therefore, this year we will start transferring the data to a new system that offers possibilities for reuse, editing and analysis with external tools. And secures the dataset for the long term. This new system combines domain-specific Data Stations with our Vault and provides a certified long-term preservation. With these domain-specific Data Stations, you can deposit data and/or search for data within your field of expertise/domain.

Institutions that want to manage their own data can (continue to) use our platform DANS DataverseNL.

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Valentijn Gilissen M.A.

Data Processing Team Leader