ARIADNE Lab: new tools for archaeological data

17 November 2022

From the ARIADNEplus project, which links archaeological data from several European countries, the ARIADNE Virtual Research Lab has been launched. The lab provides researchers with new tools to aggregate, analyse and process data from the ARIADNE infrastructure.

The ARIADNEplus portal provides access to more than 3 million sources. Data from the DANS Archaeology Data Station is also visible here in a European context. The ARIADNE Virtual Research Lab offers science several services that allow this data to be examined.

The ARIADNE Lab contains a number of tools with which aggregated data from ARIADNE and external data can be rearranged, edited and analysed in various ways. For example, -JupyterHub- allows resources to be invoked and data to be analysed without burdening users with installation and maintenance tasks. It also makes sharing resources with other Lab users much easier.

In addition, the integrated development environment -Rstudio- makes it possible to perform various programming tasks on the data. The -Analytics Engine (DataMiner)- allows information to be extracted from text documents, making these texts more searchable and enriching existing information. Finally, GraphDB- gives researchers access to the ARIADNEplus Knowledge Base, including all partner data, as a Linked Open Data set and modelled according to the ARIADNE ontology. GraphDB allows researchers to explore this Knowledge Base with an interface or programmatically through queries.

The ARIADNE Lab relies on powerful resources for efficient tool usage and script testing. In addition, collaboration is made easier in this tool. Find out more about the ARIADNE Lab and take advantage of these new services here.

ARIADNE stands for Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe. DANS ensures that the data from the Data Station Archaeology and the Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology (DCCD) are also accessible via ARIADNE.

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