Archaeological reports missing and found

6 September 2022

Only 1 percent of almost 24,000 archaeological research reports from the period 2002-2011 are missing. The Inspectorate for Public Information and Heritage (IOE) published an article about this. Worse was feared. How did this disappointing result come about?

From 2016 to 2020, DANS carried out a number of projects on behalf of the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) to track down missing reports. This involved mapping out where the reports were available in the Netherlands. The enormous number of almost 24,000 reports was viewed and processed by DANS:

First of all, a large exchange of reports took place between DANS and the RCE in order to complete the collections. DANS made thousands of DOI’s (durable links) to these reports available. Subsequently, old ARCHIS2 reports that were still missing were requested from archaeological companies and universities, so that they could also be made accessible through the national e-Depot Dutch archaeology. DANS did not limit itself to the period up to 2011 and also focused on the newer ARCHIS3 reports. The results of this work by DANS have been shared with the Inspectorate, and the DANS archive has been consulted by them many times during their research. The positive outcome demonstrates the importance of a certified archive.

Curious about the research and the other results? This report ‘Archaeological reports; missing and found‘ (in Dutch) has also been permanently stored by DANS in our new Data Station Archaeology.

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Hella Hollander M.A.

Data Station Manager Archaeology