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6 March 2020

This year the 85th edition of the Dutch Book Week takes place from March 7 – 15. This year’s Book Week is dedicated to those who increase our imagination: the rebels and the thinkers who go against the grain. The aim of this annual week is the promotion of the (Dutch) book. In our digital archive, datasets and publications about the book and the author can be found and reused.

 For example, an interview with the Dutch author Jan Terlouw. The interview “Getuigenverhalen, Reis van de Razzia, interview met Jan Terlouw” shows Terlouws war experiences, which he also describes in his well-known book “Oorlogswinter”. In the interview, Terlouw explains to what extent this book corresponds with his own experiences of the Dutch Hunger famine of 1944-45.

View the interview “Getuigenverhalen, Reis van de Razzia, interview met Jan Terlouw” here.

An in EASY available dataset about books is “Mensen en Boeken 1961”. In this dataset, data about buying, reading and study habits from the Dutch Foundation for Statistics can be found. The dataset includes reading and purchasing behavior, the use of libraries, reading books as leisure activity and attitudes towards reading books.

 View the dataset “Mensen en Boeken 1961” here.

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