ACME-FAIR guide by FAIRsFAIR now open for public comment

20 January 2022

The ACME-FAIR guide, designed to help managers of research data management (RDM) and related professional services self-assess how they enable researchers to adopt FAIR data principles, is now open for public comment.

With the turn of the new year the end of the FAIRsFAIR project comes into sight. Work to complete the project’s remaining outputs and activities is increasing ahead of the project drawing to a close at the end of February. Before that time, a number of resources will be published in their final versions or made available for public comment.


The ACME-FAIR guide is partly based on Do I-PASS for FAIR, an LCRDM self-assessment tool to measure the FAIRness of an organisation. ACME-FAIR is designed to help managers of research data management and related professional services to self-assess how they are enabling researchers, and the professional staff who support them, to put the FAIR data principles into practice. It defines capabilities to address seven FAIR-enabling issues for Research Performing Organisations. Five of the seven parts of the guide have been published (the two remaining parts are in their final draft stages before being opened for comment).

The seven parts cover:

  1. Defining the Policy Environment
  2. Developing sustainable business models
  3. Professionalising roles through skills development
  4. Supporting data management planning
  5. Defining data interoperability frameworks
  6. Selecting data, services, and repositories
  7. Ensuring trusted curation

More information

Documents for each of these issues are now available in the ACME-FAIR Zenodo community area, with details on providing feedback are within each individual document: feedback can be left on Google Doc versions of individual parts of the guide, or via this Google Form, which contains a short list of questions. The deadline for providing feedback on the guide is the 7th February.

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Marjan Grootveld Ph.D.

Research Data Expert Team Leader