Ability to specify retention period, now available in DataverseNL and DANS Data Stations

9 July 2024

In medical research, data files often need to be destroyed after a certain period of time. It is now possible to document the maximum period that data is kept (retention period) in DataverseNL and the DANS Data Stations.

DANS uses the open source Dataverse software, developed by Harvard University, for DataverseNL and the DANS Data Stations. There is a global community of developers who contribute to the development of this software, and there are 119 installations using the software. DANS developers themselves also contribute to the development of this software.

For example, DANS has recently developed the ‘retention period’ field at the request of the University Medical Centres (UMCs) using DataverseNL. This now makes it possible to indicate per file until when the file may remain available. A necessary field for medical research data, as these data containing personal data often have to be destroyed after a statutory period. For each file, a researcher or data manager can now indicate a date until which the file is available. After this date, the file can no longer be downloaded. This functionality is now available in DataverseNL and the DANS Data Stations and also in Release 6.3 of the Dataverse software.

About DANS Data Stations and DataverseNL

A DANS Data Station is a domain-specific digital repository for research data. Individual researchers or groups of researchers can store their datasets in a secure digital environment, with comprehensive metadata, version control, and tools to auto-complete information. Additionally, it will be possible to link datasets in this data station to data portals, platforms, and specific websites, making datasets even more findable and reusable for both scientific and non-scientific users. There is a Data Station for Archaeology, Social Sciences and Humanities, Physical & Technical Sciences, and a Data Station for Life Sciences. Click here for more information.

DataverseNL is a research data repository offered jointly by DANS and participating institutions. DANS manages the technical infrastructure and the institutions using DataverseNL are responsible for assigning rights to user accounts, managing and curating the deposited research data within DataverseNL. For more information, click here.

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