A network for trainers in the SSH

9 June 2021

The European-funded SSHOC project facilitates trainers in the social sciences and humanities with a community for exchanging knowledge and experience. Ellen Leenarts, Research Data Management Specialist at DANS, wrote about it in the June issue of E-data & Research.

SSHOC (Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud) focuses on the social sciences and humanities and on stimulating cooperation within these fields. Several European research infrastructures and other stakeholders such as DARIAH, CLARIN, LIBER, CESSDA and DANS are partners in the project. The project supports, among others, trainers in the field of Open Science and Research Data Management. With workshops, train-the-trainer bootcamps and webinars, knowledge is shared that can be used in multiple disciplines.

DANS Data Game

Within the project, DANS is responsible for the design of the training network, the organisation of train-the-trainer bootcamps and the development of a service for finding reusable training materials and tools. This ‘Training Discovery Toolkit’ is available online through the project website. If a partner develops a training course, tool or other useful aid, this can be included in the toolkit. An example is the DANS Data Game; interested parties can download the quartet as a pdf, receive it by post and play the online variant. Recently, this game was added to the toolkit, so that even more people can get an impression of the European research data landscape in a playful way.

Read more in E-data & Research.

More information

More information can be found on the Training Community page on the SSHOC website. Please contact Ellen Leenarts for further questions.

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