6-10 september: Lorentz Workshop FAIR Data for the ‘Long Tail of Science’

16 September 2021

From 6 to 10 September, KNAW institutes NIOO and DANS together with the University of Antwerp organise the Lorentz Workshop: FAIR Data for the ‘Long Tail of Science’.

Within the developments around scientific data, “long tail data” are still a resource of information, not used to its full potential. Focus of the workshop will be the accessibility and usability of bird data from ecological and evolutionary “long tail” research.

The aim of the Lorentz Workshop is to make a substantial step toward making the long tail of science FAIR and develop roadmaps to achieve synergy between ecological bird databases. Next to the data access, there is also the challenge to create an interdisciplinary research community that uses the combined power of the available data.

The workshop brings together three main groups of experts: 1) scientific experts within the fields of ecology and evolution; 2) database managers working on a range of ecological databases; and 3) professionals working with the e-infrastructures and FAIR data.

More information

Read more on the event-page. Only invited specialist will be able to participate in this online event, but the results will be widely disseminated after the workshop. 

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Cees Hof Ph.D.

Data Station Manager Life, Health and Medical Sciences / Physical and Technical Sciences / Data Vault