4CH: towards a competence centre for the preservation of cultural heritage

3 February 2022

DANS is a partner in the 4CH project, an international consortium of 19 partners working on the creation of a competence centre for the preservation, conservation and valorisation of cultural heritage. The use of 3D visualisation plays an important role in this.

The 4CH project started on 1 January 2021 and runs for three years. The aim of the project is to establish the methodological, procedural and organisational framework of a competence centre (CC) that provides advice, support and services aimed at the conservation and preservation of historical monuments and heritage sites. The project cooperates with a network of national, regional and local cultural institutions.

The 4CH consortium includes leading institutions from academia, industry, SMEs and research centres with complementary expertise and a wide geographical spread across Europe. The competence centre raises awareness of cultural heritage conservation in a holistic and multidisciplinary way and facilitates cooperation between heritage institutions in Europe.

Services and instruments

Services and tools applying the latest technologies in the field of conservation and preservation will be provided by:

  • Compiling an overview of ongoing research and cutting-edge technologies in the field of conservation, protection and sustainable promotion of monuments and heritage sites;
  • Reporting the most valuable initiatives, experiences and best practices;
  • Set up training and further education programmes for institutions, practitioners and professionals;
  •  Develop advice, guidelines and protocols for the use of ICT and in particular 3D technologies for management, with a focus on technological monitoring and sensors.

Target group

The target group of the 4CH project is:

  • Cultural heritage institutions and other bodies, both public and private, responsible for the management, protection and accessibility of European monuments, buildings and heritage sites;
  • Cultural heritage professionals providing services in the field of conservation, preservation and restoration, including large-scale and high-quality digitisation of heritage and planning and managing interventions;
  • Creative industry and tourism professionals and companies that (re)use data to produce heritage-based information, apps, games, education and tourism services;
  • Cultural heritage services, government agencies such as ministries and decision-makers (insurance companies, owners, etc.) who provide information on policies and strategies for the preservation, conservation and digitisation of cultural heritage.

DANS is involved in setting up the training infrastructure of the future competition centre and leads a work package in the field of data management in which, for example, the specifications for digitisation of cultural heritage are proposed.

More information

Read more about the 4CH project on the project page or on the 4CH website.

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René van Horik Ph.D.

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