15 December: EOSC hub webinar

8 December 2020

On 15 December EOSC-hub organizes the webinar EOSC-hub data sharing policy recommendations & ELIXIR authentication-authorisation infrastructure. DANS is also involved and invites (future) EOSC data providers and other interested parties in authentication-authorisation services to attend the session.

EOSC stands for European Open Science Cloud. EOSC offers researchers a platform for sharing and combining research data, also across geographical and disciplinary boundaries. The EOSC hub project, funded by the European Horizon2020 programme, brings together 100+ partners from more than fifty countries to contribute to the implementation of EOSC. Together, the Hub is being developed as the integration and management system of the European Open Science Cloud.

In the EOSC Hub, DANS mainly contributes to the development of policies in the field of research data sharing, the integration of trusted digital repository services and sustainable archiving, and the support of researchers and support staff through training in the structured reflection on research data they (will) collect.

In this webinar, Ilona von Stein, project leader at DANS, presents practical tips on data sharing in the EOSC. Find more information online. Watch the presentation afterwards on the EOSC Hub website

More information

More information about the webinar and the registration form can be found online. If you have any questions about EOSC-hub and/or what DANS can mean, please contact Elly Dijk.

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