10 & 12 May: SSHOC Open Science & RDM Train-the-Trainer Bootcamp

25 March 2021

On 10 and 12 May 2021, the SSHOC Open Science & Research Data Management Train-the-Trainer Bootcamp will take place. This bootcamp is one of the pre-conference events of the IASSIST 2021 Global Virtual Conference (GVC), which will take place from 18-20 May 2021. DANS is task leader for the Train-the-Trainer activities within SSHOC.

The SSHOC Train-the-Trainer bootcamp comprises two free-of-charge sessions of two hours, which will take place on two different days. This way, participants will have time in between to work on assignments. The bootcamp aims to help trainers find resources and tools to reuse in their own training activities.

Bootcamp programme

The first part of the bootcamp will take place on 10 May. During this session, the focus will be on demonstrating existing tools for RDM that can be used as hands-on exercises in training activities. This will be followed by a session on didactics, in which tips for developing training sessions will be shared. This includes the use of more interactive elements, preparations, evaluations and the development of learning objectives. Participants are encouraged to assess the usefulness of the  presented tools for their own target groups and reflect on how to structure their own training activities.

The second part on 12 May will focus on training development using what was discussed during the first session. There will be an interactive session discussing how the presented materials and tools can be used in the context of an RDM training course. Different training methods are shared and experiences are exchanged. In the last part of the bootcamp participants will get an update on the SSH Training Toolkit, in which existing and new training materials are collected throughout SSHOC. Available training materials, such as materials about GDPR, sensitive data, FAIR and open data, are highlighted.


This bootcamp was organised as one of the pre-conference events for the IASSIST (International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology) General Virtual Conference. IASSIST is an international organisation of professionals in information technology and data services within the social sciences. The IASSIST 2021 GVC will take place from 18 to 20 May 2021. The bootcamp and other workshops will take place in the week prior to the conference.


SSHOC stands for Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud, a project funded within the Horizon 2020 Framework Program. The aim of the project is to better align initiatives of the current European research infrastructures in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) with each other and with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), in order to improve researchers within the SSH domain. DANS participates as a partner within the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) and is responsible for two tasks: setting up a data repository service on the EOSC cloud platform and setting up a sustainable cross-disciplinary trainer network and a train-the-trainer toolkit in the field of research data management within the SSH.

More information

Register for the bootcamp here. For more information about SSHOC, please contact Ricarda Braukmann

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