If you are a user of EASY, the DANS licence (.pdf) sets out the conditions of use for datasets in the Open Access for registered users and Restricted Access categories. Those conditions apply to you as soon as you can view or have downloaded files from datasets in these categories. Key points of the DANS Licence include:

  • You must respect any copyrights and/or database rights in the dataset, particularly when distributing or disclosing it.
  • When using a dataset in publications, you are required to cite it.

For the Open Access category, the DANS licence does not apply. For this category an Open Access licence or public domain dedication applies which is indicated in the metadata field ‘licence’. For example CC-BY 4.0.

For users of the Data Stations, an open licence such as CC-BY 4.0 can be selected, and if one or more files in the dataset requires restricted access, these can be individually indicated and terms of access can be specified. Read more about licence selection in our deposit guidance.



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