In the Netherlands, the protocol SIKB0102 is used for the digital exchange of archaeological data and used to describe and deposit the documentation. Data on finds is entered using a standardised description set and submitted to various depots, including DANS. The metadata is submitted via the packaging slip as an XML-document.

  • Projects that have been described using the archaeological exchange protocol (SIKB0102 standard) must be submitted via the ArcheoDepot. The dataset files deposited with the provinces must be supplied in Preferred Formats.
  • Via the ArchaeoDepot, datasets are automatically sent from the provincial depot to the DANS archive.
  • During the startup phase of the ArcheoDepot, datasets can still be deposited directly at DANS if the province is not yet connected to the ArcheoDepot.

  The universal format has the following advantages:

  • Harmonisation of the requirements when depositing data;
  • One-time data entry and uniform data deposits via the ArcheoDepot, the portal of the archaeological provincial depots;
  • Allowing for the development of digital linking of research information (eg between the Archis archaeological project and finds registration system and the services of DANS);
  • The exchange protocol allows for permanent storage of archaeological data;
  • Saving time and costs through an automated and efficient depositing process via the ArcheoDepot.

More information

Please contact Data Station Manager Hella Hollander for more information.