Infrastructure for the Publication and Preservation of 3D Scholarship

Status: Ongoing
Duration: 2020 - 2024
Contact: Simon Saldner Ph.D.

This project will develop an infrastructure for the Publication and Preservation of 3D Scholarship.

Costas Papadopoulos and Susan Schreibman from Maastricht University have been awarded a prestigious €1 million grant from the platform Digitale Infrastructuur Social Sciences & Humanities. Special attention will be given to the preservation of the files into a trusted repository. The creation of a conceptual and methodological framework for valorizing and evaluating 3D scholarship and a centre of excellence are supporting this form of knowledge production by elevating 3D models from static representations to digital scholarly editions.

DANS, as an expert on preferred data formats, will contribute to the project by working with the involved partners to ensure sustainable archiving and FAIRness of 3D data. As a member of the Technical Oversight Committee DANS will collaborate with CLARIAH to develop synergies between the different infrastructures.

Setting up such an infrastructure that does not exist anywhere in the world is providing the Netherlands with the opportunity of being world leaders in the transformation of 3D scholarship.

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Simon Saldner Ph.D.

Research Data Management Specialist