Pooling Activities, Resources & Tools for Heritage E-research

Status: Completed
Duration: 2015 - 2019

Parthenos stands for Pooling Activities, Resources and Tools for E-Heritage Research Networking Optimization and Synergies. The interdisciplinary project connects various existing European infrastructures and projects to optimize the use of resources by researchers in the field of language, cultural heritage, history and archaeology (humanities).

Central topics are: the implementation of common AAA (authentication, authorization, access) and data curation policies within the framework of the data lifecycle, including long term preservation, certification and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Can joint policies and solutions lead to the provision of more and better research?

Within this four-year project, guidelines, standards, methods, services and tools will be delivered to ensure more synergy.

DANS is working on the harmonisation of research data management within the various disciplines and the certification of its repositories. DANS is involved in the work packages: Community Involvement and Requirements (WP2), Common Policies and Strategies (WP3), Standards Non-Legally Binding Documents (WP4) and Dissemination (WP8). DANS is one of the 15 partners involved, the project is led by Franco Niccolucci (PIN, IT).

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