DANS Data Trail – Engaging with the CESSDA Data Archiving Guide

Event date:

16 May 2023

Location: YouTube Premiere

In this Data Trail we will give you an introduction to the CESSDA Data Archiving Guide (DAG) and the different chapters of the DAG. We also share how our DANS policies and workflows correspond to the recommendations.

The CESSDA Data Archiving Guide (DAG) is a new resource developed by CESSDA (Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives). It is designed to provide employees at data archives and repositories with an understanding of the work a data archive performs.

In this Data Trail video, we will introduce the different chapters of the DAG and share how DANS’ own policies and workflows correspond to the recommendations and what our next steps would be. This video is intended as a resource for (CESSDA) service providers and other data archives that want to learn more about the CESSDA DAG and how to incorporate it into their own training.

The DANS Data Trail itself is the live premiere of this video resource: on May 16th, 1pm CEST you can watch the video. You can already leave comments and click the bell icon to receive notifications. When the video premieres on our YouTube channel. When the first playthrough happens at 1pm, there will be a live chat alongside the video where you can leave comments, answer our prompts, and ask questions to our staff featured in the video (Ricarda Braukmann, Valentijn Gilissen, Maaike Verburg, and Kim Ferguson). The video will be presented in English (with subtitles available) and you can ask questions in the chat in Dutch or English. After the first playthrough, the video will remain available as a resource on the DANS YouTube channel (as well as the chat for a live playthrough if desired).

Registration is available so that you will receive a reminder of the live premiere, see below. You can also subscribe to the DANS YouTube channel to receive notifications and reminders about the live premiere as well as our other video resources shared to the channel. Once you subscribe, just click the bell icon to receive notifications. 

Speakers information

Dr. Ricarda Braukmann works as Data Station Manager Social Sciences at DANS. She is involved in several (inter)national projects including ODISSEI – the Dutch Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations – and CESSDA – the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives. Her work focuses on the promotion of sustainable data archiving practices, as well as engagement and training on Research Data Management (RDM) and Open Science.
Twitter: @R_Braukmann

Valentijn Gilissen is the DANS Data Processing Team Leader, in charge of the team of data managers curating the datasets deposited in the archive. Valentijn has been working at DANS since 2007. With an MA in Archaeology, he started out as a data manager primarily working on archaeological datasets. Valentijn grew in this role to become a Senior Data Manager and the DANS Preservation Officer, concerned with the composition of the datasets in the archive and maintaining documentation such as DANS’ preferred file formats guidelines. 

Kim Ferguson and Maaike Verburg are both Research Data Management Experts in the Data Expert Team at DANS. The Data Expert Team engages in different (inter)national projects to acquire and share expertise on data management, FAIR data, and open science. They created a new chapter for the Data Archiving Guide on the topics of FAIR and Trustworthy archives.
Twitter: @kfergy; @MaaikeVerburg

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