What is your experience with NARCIS?

16 September 2020

DANS invites users of NARCIS to share their experience with this service.

Since 2005, DANS has assisted researchers, data professionals, data archives, research institutions and research financiers with questions in the field of data management, certification and topics such as FAIR, open access and software sustainability. DANS also offers various services in the field of depositing and sharing research data.

One of the services is NARCIS. NARCIS is the main national portal for those looking for information about researchers and their work. Besides researchers, NARCIS is also used by students, journalists and people working in educational and government institutions as well as the business sector.

DANS would like to receive experience of users with NARCIS. With the input obtained from the questionnaires, DANS can continuously improve it’s service. Please visit the NARCIS website to access the survey. Completing the survey will take 3 minutes. 

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For more information, please contact Peter Doorn

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