Week 5: MOOC Delivering Research Data Management Services

30 September 2019

The fifth week of the new open online course: Delivering Research Data Management Services has started successfully. Week 5 focuses on roadmaps and the development of your own specific roadmap.

Week 5 incorporates information from previous weeks into your personal roadmap. Results from previous exercises, such as the GAP analysis, will be used to enhance your own roadmap.

Participants from over 75 countries have enrolled in the massive open online course (MOOC). The course started on the 2nd of September and will be accessible for the upcoming weeks. It is still possible to enrol in the course.

The first week focused on introducing Research Data Management and who is responsible for several research support services. Furthermore, the course is concerned with helping you to identify needs and opportunities regarding RDM. The development of an RDM strategy is also a matter of interest this week. The content of week 1 is still available in the course.

The second week, the online course focused on self-evaluating the ability to provide appropriate RDM services. Using practical exercises, the MOOC handles the research data lifecycle and the GAP analysis. Week 2 of the course concluded with a self-evaluation through the RISE tool.

The third week was about data management plans (DMP) and how they can best be put into practice. In addition, the development of DMPs on websites and DMP services are also discussed.

The fourth week addressed repositories and how they can be certified. Furthermore it focused on metadata, data sharing and legal issues.

All content of the past weeks remains accessible until the 21st of October 2019.

Additional information

Do you want to participate in this course? Visit the FutureLearn platform. You can use the hashtags #RDMservices and #FLRDM to discuss the course on social media.

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