Upcoming events featuring Ingrid Dillo

26 October 2020

During several upcoming events, Ingrid Dillo, DANS Deputy Director, will provide interesting presentations.

29 October: Certification of digital repositories

During this webinar called FAIR and TRUST: a perfect couple with participants from South and Central America, Ingrid Dillo talks about the importance of FAIR data and data sharing in the realization of Open Science. In addition, it will be shown that to make and keep data FAIR, you also need reliable infrastructure. The TRUST principles and the certification of reliable repositories play a major role in that infrastructure.

30 October: Pujiang Innovation Forum

This webinar is about “Scientific data management” and what China can learn from Europe. Openness is the most important spirit in the scientific community around the world. Many countries in Europe have already made great improvements in this area. What can China learn from these advanced countries? How can the efficiency of scientific research and innovation be improved?

5 November: NDE World Digital Preservation Day

During the presentation Findable and accessible: for how long? Ingrid Dillo, Barbara Sierman and Laurents Sesink will talk about the relationship between FAIR, TRUST and DERA. Ilona von Stein (Project Leader DANS) will also speak during the NDE World Digital Preservation Day, in a presentation about certification for beginners.

16 November: FREYA/EOSChub/sSHOC Conference

At this conference, Ingrid Dillo will give a keynote about open and FAIR data and the RDA COVID initiative. 

17 November: TRUST in the Canadian context

During this online symposium, Ingrid Dillo will give a presentation called What are the TRUST Principles?

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