SURF Data Repository via NARCIS

26 September 2019

The NARCIS science portal continues to expand in 2019. NARCIS has recently started providing access to the research data that SURF Data Repository offers online. This caused the number of data sets in NARCIS to increase by almost 700.

SURF Data Repository

The SURF Data Repository is a data publication platform that allows researchers, communities and institutions from every scientific discipline to store, annotate and publish research data. This ensures long-term sustainable storage according to the FAIR principles. Using the online web interface, a researcher can independently create, structure, annotate and later edit a publication.

The platform also offers layered metadata, groups, community policies, a REST API for integration into other services or applications and automatically adds persistent identifiers for digital objects and published files. SURF’s data advisers can offer support with the publication of very large data sets.

The service accepts data from all research domains and is suitable for any data set regardless of size, structure, number of files or file format.

Content of NARCIS

With the SURF Data Repository added, the fifteenth repository of research data is accessible via NARCIS. A total of more than 235,000 data sets are now accessible via NARCIS; generally open data. In addition, NARCIS provides access to nearly 2 million scientific publications, of which more than 700,000 open access publications. The website also provides an overview of research projects, researchers and research organizations in the Netherlands.

Additional information

You can contact SURF Data Repository via: " target="_blank" title="">. If you have questions about the datasets in NARCIS or if you also want your repository’s datasets (or publications) to be automatically harvested, you can contact , senior policy officer at DANS. An overview of the research data that SURF Data Repository offers can be found here.

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