Successful Small Data Project: Retracing Modderman

26 August 2019

Last year, archaeologist and curator at the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, Luc Amkreutz, together with fellow archaeologist Ivo van Wijk, received a grant for a Small Data Project (KDP). With this financial contribution they digitised original analogue excavation drawings from the 1950s by Professor Modderman.

The project “In de sporen van Modderman” (loosely translated: retracing Modderman) focuses on vectorising original analogue excavation drawings, originating from a large-scale excavation of settlement remains dating back to the period of the Linear Band Ceramics (5250-4900 BC). This 3-hectare excavation has laid the foundation for the current Band ceramic pottery and house typologies.

With the vectorisation of the excavation drawings, the find and trace data can be spatially compared and analysed. By using modern GIS and database techniques in combination with finer analysis methods, the excavation of Sittard-Stadswegske can compete with more recent Band ceramic research in the region. 

Amkreutz agrees on the importance of sharing and reusing data. “In this way you create a foundation, not only for your own project, but also for fellow researchers in the future. At the same time, you prevent original source material and vulnerable paper materials from being lost forever.”

The dataset of the project “In de sporen van Modderman” can be accessed through EASY.

This news item was translated from a Dutch interview

Additional information

Interested in a KDP grant? The conditions and procedure of the grant application can be found here. You can apply for a KDP grant until 1 October 2019.


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