Successful pilot PID’s for organisations in NARCIS

15 March 2019

NARCIS offers access to scientific information: publications, datasets, research, researchers and scientists, and organisations. As part of a pilot within the European Freya-project, NARCIS now supports the use of persistent identifiers for organisations.

The FREYA-project aims to create an infrastructure for persistent identifiers (PID’s). PID’s enhance the findability and accessibility of research, because it connects various parts of research (better) together. The use of PID’s allows a connection to be made between information that is within other sources. One aspect of FREYA is PID Graph, which can link PID’s together via relations in their metadata to enable the discovery of connections at least two “hops” away. Read more on the PID Graph here.

the following organisation-identifiers are currently supported: ROR-idGRID-idISNI-id and VIAF-id. These organisation-identifiers are also useful for further exchange of metadata, because they can be used to recognise and automatically link organisations.

NARCIS supports various personal-identifiers. Apart from the Digital Author Identifier (DAI), ORCIDs and ISNIs are also recognised and used. With the help of these identifiers, it is possible to link the right author to his/her publications and datasets. Over 10.000 researchers in NARCIS have been supplied with an ORCID and within the FREYA-project, the possibilities are weighed whether a further exchange between and NARCIS is possible.

Additional information

More information on FREYA is on the FREYA website. Questions on NARCIS can be directed at Chris Baars.

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