Success in Gravitation 2019 round

2 September 2019

Frank van Harmelen, member of the DANS Science Committee, is one of the principal applicants of the allocated grant.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science provides funding for these long-term (10 year) multidisciplinary projects, with the ambition to stimulate world-leading Dutch research that could potentially lead to international breakthroughs. The research is carried out by consortia of various Dutch universities, academic hospitals and research institutes.

Professor Frank van Harmelen, as one of the principal applicants, is each responsible for coordinating a Gravitation Grant of approximately 20 million euro.

Frank van Harmelen is a prominent researcher in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and  a member of the DANS Science Committee. DANS is also connected to his group in projects such as CLARIAH +, Re-Search and DARIAH.

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