Small Data Projects 2018 successfully completed

27 May 2019

Last year, 8 projects from DANS received a KDP grant. These projects include the vectoring and making available of analogue excavation drawings, the oral history project ‘Istori Manokwari’ and data on structured data about Dutch female authors who were active until around 1900.

Since 2006, DANS has been subsidizing small data projects. Small data projects are projects in which one or more important data sets are described and made accessible for reuse. The subsidies are primarily intended for sub-areas where data are not yet archived and reused, and where the subsidy can be an incentive to do this.

Grants were awarded in 2018 to the following projects:

  • Linking Syriac Liturgies (VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Theology): Access to Syrian liturgical sources that provide insight into the interaction between liturgy, identity and cultural heritage of Syrian religious communities.
  • In the footsteps of Modderman (National Museum of Antiquities / Faculty of Archeology, Leiden University / Archaeological Research Leiden BV): Vectorising and making available the analogue excavation drawings of the first large-scale Dutch Linear pottery settlements research, carried out in Sittard-Stadswegske in 1953-1954.
  • Pyttersen’s Almanak (University of Amsterdam, Department of Political Science): Making the data from the Pyttersen Almanak 1960, 1970, 1980 and 1990, and 2000-2014 available in an integrated digital file.
  • Excavation archive of the Tell Deir Alla project, Jordan (University of Leiden i.s.m. Yarmouk University, Jordan): To digitise, protect and make the documentation accessible of fifty years of archaeological research at Deir Alla, Jordan.
  • Istori Manokwari (Wageningen University, Department of Social Sciences): The oral history project ‘Istori Manokwari (IM)’ contributes to the recording and disclosure of the socio-cultural history of Dutch New Guinea 1930-1962.
  • Ranking the Towns. New light on population density in medieval cities (Leiden University, Faculty of Archeology; University of Groningen; TU Delft, Department of Architecture): This Open Access data package discloses urban space and population numbers, bringing population density as a new variable in the debate on medieval urban hierarchy.
  • Velsen 1: Old data in a new coat! Digitizing the zoochaeological data of the oldest Roman port in the Netherlands (ACASA, University of Amsterdam): Digitizing the analogue archive of zoosarchaeological data of the Roman port Velsen 1 (Castellum Flevum).
  • Dutch women authors and their Dutch readers (until 1900) (Huygens ING, KNAW): This KDP archives a corpus of structured data about Dutch female authors who were active until around 1900 and their reception by Dutch contemporaries and early historiography.

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