Requirments for PID policy open for community review

26 June 2024

The FAIR-IMPACT project has produced a list of 16 requirements for creating a EOSC compliant PID policy for PID managers. This list is open for community review.

PID managers have the responsibility to maintain the integrity of the relation between entities and persistent identifiers (PIDs). As part of the FAIR-IMPACT project DANS has led the work on formulating 16 guidelines for helping PID managers to formulate an EOSC compliant PID policy. The guidelines, published as Deliverable 3.3 of FAIR-IMPACT, deal with topics such as versioning, selecting a PID servicer provider and the management of metadata connected to a PID. The guidelines are published and open for community review until end of August.

More information on the review process can be found here.

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René van Horik Ph.D.

Research Data Management Specialist