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16 September 2021

From October 6 to 8, the Workshop on Sustainable Software Sustainability takes place. DANS is sponsor and co-organizer of the event. Registration is now open.

The intention is to bring together a wide range of participants interested in software sustainability, primarily from a scientific and research perspective.

With the new Horizon Europe programme just starting, WoSSS21 will discuss how best to organise and support the community and the emerging infrastructure for software sustainability. This year, special attention will be paid to software as heritage and the challenges of software sustainability in the domains of cultural heritage and research will be compared.


There will be four sessions across three days:

Sessie 1: Sustaining software in cultural heritage (6 October, 15:30 CEST)

Session 2: Open Science & applying the FAIR principles to software (7 October, 09:00 CEST)

Session 3: Human factors and new development in preserving and sustaining research software (7 October, 15:30 CEST)

Session 4: Sustaining the community and promoting (human) infrastructures for software sustainability (8 October, 09:00 CEST)

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Register on the WoSSS21 website

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