Recently added to EASY: Franciscans at the Voorstraat

20 May 2019

An extraordinarily rich dataset has recently been added to EASY. The dataset contains an extensive description and detailed drawings and photos of an excavation in Dordrecht. In 1982 a thirteenth century Franciscan friary was excavated and thoroughly documented. The municipality Dordrecht has published a lengthy report.

The research provides great insights in the stratigraphy and the nature of the friary, during its entire period of existence. From its year of construction until 1572. Furthermore, information has been gathered regarding the time before and after the use of the friary. The construction happened between 1246 and 1248 AD by the Franciscan Order (Ordo Fratrum Minorum) on the Voorstraat in Dordrecht. This Italian religious order aimed to emulate the life of Jesus Christ, according to the ‘imitatio Christi’ principle. The Franciscans lived an austere life, discarding any possessions owned by the friars.

Additional information

The mixed dataset contains detailed drawings from both the field and excavated objects. Photos of finds and archaeological structures have been added as well. Pictures of beautiful frescoes have been digitally enhanced and described. The dataset and report can be found in EASY

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