Recently added to EASY: Detailed tables of the 1947 census

17 December 2018

A new thematic collection is accessible in EASY: the 12th census of the 31st of May 1947.

The data is based on previously unpublished detailed tables of regional and local census of both the population and professions in 1947. Over 35 different tables from the archives of the CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics) have been converted to Excel-files and CSV-files. These tables vary from a single spreadsheet, to tables that comprise several spreadsheets. This mostly depends on the size of the municipalities and districts. The detailed tables have been digitally imaged to a .JPEG-format in 2005. Final file-conversion to Excelsheets was made possible by Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

A previous collection of nearly 30,000 scans was added to EASY as a single dataset. This dataset has been split based on a provincial level and the Excel- and CSV-files were added. Furthermore, filespecific metadata have been added, to link the tables to the original scans. The Excel- and CSV-files also contain information on possible inconsistencies that occur in some of the original tables. All cases of inconsistencies in row- and column totals have been indicated. 

The collection of datasets of the ‘12thcensus of the 31stof May 1947’ consists of 11 sets of data of the provinces, and an additional dataset of the entire country. The dataset on the Netherlands contains the descriptive data on the provinces. A description of content of tabletypes, and instructions given at data-entry, are provided.

Additional information

The thematic collection is accessible at EASY. Due to the large number of files, an offline copy can be provided by DANS. Contact  for more information.

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