Recently added to EASY: Care for orphans of Leiden

14 January 2019

A set of data from a 40-year-old research project on 18th century orphanages of Leiden has been published in EASY.

The dataset Leidse wezenzorg 1690-1841 (Care for orphans of Leiden 1690-1841) was created in 1980, by the Leiden socio-historian Dirk-Jaap Noordam who passed away in 2007. The data came from extensive research on the care for orphans and the orphanages of Leiden from the period of 1690 until 1841; a time in which a lot of change occurred in organizing the care for orphans and foster children of Leiden. The focus of this study lies on the care for foster infants and toddlers. Foster children are extensively described from marital status, and age, to societal position.

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