Recently added to EASY: Amsterdam UMC provides IC data for research

26 November 2019

The Amsterdam UMC is the first hospital in Europe to make data on intensive care patients available for research. The anonymized data is deposited in EASY.

Nearly 1 billion clinical observations and medication data on more than twenty thousand patients have been made available through the DANS certified repository. However, these data are not widely accessible. You can submit a formal application via AmsterdamUMCdb.

Limited data access

After successfully completing a required course, the potential user must complete an “Access and End User License form”. This form verifies that the data are lawfully, non-commercially, used for scientific research. The application can then be submitted to the AmsterdamUMCdb. After approval, DANS will manually grant access through EASY.

Improvement of IC care

Today, the mortality rate at the ICU is still up to 30 percent. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, that number must be reduced significantly.

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