Recap DARIAH Annual Event 2021

6 October 2021

From September 7 to 9 the annual DARIAH event took place. DANS was involved in hosting the event.

The DARIAH Annual Event 2021 was attended by 268 participants from 37 countries. The theme of the event was ‘Interfaces’. Many examples of interfaces were shown, such as in the keynote by Sarah Kenderdine (EPFL) “Computational Museology: Experimental Interfaces to Cultural (Big) Data”. Ways to use interfaces to organise interdisciplinary work but also training were demonstrated, and the meaning of interfaces thoroughly explored. The conference was accompanied by national Digital Humanities infrastructures showing their progress and DARIAH Working Groups reporting on achievements.

As part of the DARIAH coordination office DANS, and in particular Francesca Morselli as co-chair, was active in the hosting. DANS staff also presented work from projects such as SSHOC,  and Polifonia. More Dutch Digital humanities efforts, such as PURE3D and CLARIAH.NL, were also visible at the conference.

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