Policy document social sciences 2019

29 April 2019

At the beginning of this year, a policy document was published on the role and objectives of DANS with regard to the social sciences. The roots of DANS lie in the social sciences and humanities and these disciplines play a central role in the services that DANS provides and the projects in which DANS is involved. DANS will continue and deepen many of the social science projects in the coming year.

There are also possibilities to expand the work of DANS in the social sciences even further, in addition to the ongoing projects. The focus of DANS’s work within the social sciences is currently strongly focused on sociology (mainly survey research) and oral history. By paying extra attention to sub-areas that are currently less strongly represented at DANS – such as, for example, psychology and economics – DANS data can provide additional stimulation for archiving and reuse in these disciplines. In the policy document a number of new projects are described in which DANS is actively committed to expanding the available data and services to other (sub) disciplines and data types in the social sciences.

More information

The document is available on our website (in Dutch). A summary in English is also available. Do you want more information about DANS and the social sciences? Please contact Ricarda Braukmann.

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