RAAP, a research and consultancy agency for archaeological and landscape heritage, has recently increased the number of datasets available via DANS to 150,000.

Read the success stories about sharing and reusing data in the latest E-data & Research in Dutch. In this issue among others: effects of COVID-19 felt everywhere, PDI-SSH invests in digital infrastructures and digital possibilities are changing social science research.

On November 18, the event “Together we share” will take place, an initiative of RDNL and partners. Registration is now open.

FAIRsFAIR supports ten selected repositories obtaining the CoreTrustSeal Certification.

Last 22nd, 23rd and 24th September, the online event #WeMissiPRES took place, an online programme of talks and presentations about digital preservation. DANS was also present.

The second video of the DANS Data Stories series can now be found online. In this series, we ask those involved about their answers and experiences with regard to sharing and reusing research data.

The 16th Plenary meeting of the Research Data Alliance will take place 9-12 November 2020.

In modern data-driven research, software is an important element of the scientific output. However, research software does still not receive the recognition it deserves. With the help of many colleagues and external specialists, a group of like-minded Dutch researchers and data specialist published a position paper underlining the importance of research software and the recognition it should receive by funders and research institutes.