Overview research data management in the Netherlands

4 May 2017

Together with Huygens ING, DANS wrote an overview of the current state of affairs of research data management in the Netherlands.

The text looks at national developments in higher education and science, using the various phases of the research cycle as a framework. Key terms are defined and special attention is given to the role of data support staff.

By its very nature, this overview can never be exhaustive. Research data management is in a constant state of flux, both nationally and internationally, and new data services are regularly being introduced. At the same time, it is precisely this dynamism which calls for an overview of this kind.

This document is the English translation of a chapter in Handboek Informatiewetenschap (www.iwabase.nl) on research data management. This chapter was written by Marnix van Berchum (Huygens ING) and Marjan Grootveld (DANS).

More information

Please find the article online (page Information material, section ‘Research Data Management’) or contact Marjan Grootveld for more information.

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