Over two million scientific publications in NARCIS

5 November 2019

Employees of Wageningen University & Research-Library, together with a broad network of importers in the research groups, have ensured that the number of publications accessible via NARCIS has risen above two million. DANS has congratulated the team at WUR with a festive cake.

NARCIS is the national portal for anyone looking for information about researchers and their work in The Netherlands. Besides researchers and policy makers, NARCIS is also used by students, journalists and education, government and business professionals.

NARCIS now gives access to more than 2 million scientific publications, of which more than 740,000 are open access accessible. Half of the 2 million publications are journal articles, other types are: 180,000 volumes, almost 200,000 reports and more than 100,000 dissertations.

The publications come from Dutch universities, KNAW, NWO and other scientific institutions such as RIVM, TNO, NIVEL, WODC and Universities of Applied Sciences. Most non-open access publications are also directly accessible to the academic world.

There are now 228,000 publications from Wageningen University & Research in NARCIS, of which more than 91,000 are open access.

Additional information

For more information on NARCIS, please contact Elly Dijk, senior policy maker at DANS.

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