OpenAIRE taskforce publishes list of RDM and Open Science resources

24 June 2019

The Research Data Management Taskforce of OpenAIRE has published a comprehensive list of (training)materials in the field of RDM and Open Science.

The NOADs (National Open Access Desks) use a wide range of RDM learning resources. The Dutch NOADs are Just de Leeuwe (TU Delft) and Elly Dijk (DANS). The recently published list is intended to help new NOADs and other interested parties. It offers an overview of existing, useful (RDM)materials. The list is based on the four important phases in the research data life cycle: data generating, data processing, data preservation, and data access and reusability. Furthermore, due to an increase in accessible “train-the-trainer” materials in the field of RDM and Open Science, these have also been included in the overview.


DANS is the task leader of the Taskforce Research Data Management of OpenAIRE. One of the aims of this taskforce is to stimulate the mutual exchange of knowledge with regard to RDM between NOADs.

Meer informatie

Read the blog of Ellen Leenarts here, or go to the list of RDM resources.

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